Why The World is not ripe for windows phone just yet


iPhone – iTunes(minus countless media and appstores ‘Cydia,91 suite) , RIM – Desktop manager/appworld, Nokia – Ovi Suite/Store, Android – Play Store(other uncountable media tools & black market software places) & finally Windows Phone – Zune yes just zune.
Windows is lacking @ this moment a Mobile OS is as good as its support system. There are lack of fanboys, fanatics and forums to promote the windows “propaganda’. Hardware support of windows devices in general is almost zero apart of WPCentral & XDA Developers
Zune is the worse media & app support with most Windows phones coming with only an inbuilt storage option even simple tasks like transfer of media files are almost impossible. In older versions of windows phones like HD7 noticeable is that an update is needed to accept media files & there are no available alternatives
Zune has a funny & complex way of arranging media files esp pictures n’ since the drag & paste feature is not available for zune yet the transfer of data is pain staking and time consuming.
Yet another issue, minus the marketplace apps can’t be installed, a hotmail acct is needed and popular apps are not available. Finally, an update of the core firmware is always online which is a disadvantage to users in Africa with limited internet access


Facebook $1billion question


Smile for the camera, 1,2,3 and ……………camera sound. Its no longer news that Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion early this year the question is why.
Well the answer is found in Zuckerberg’s own blog post:
“This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users. We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all. But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together.”

But in my opinion Facebook was scared, instagram is one of the most used app on iOS and since instagram came to android its users passed the 50million mark. Facebook and Instagram are two distinct companies with two distinct personalities. Instagram has what Facebook craves – passionate community. People like Facebook. People use Facebook. People love Instagram. More over it cracked the code where Facebook itself failed: viral growth on mobile. An estimated 2billion people access the internet via mobile especially in developing countries & Facebook’s mobile platform (including its app) is mediocre at best. 1 in every 9 persons on earth has a Facebook acct so the company like google wants to be more than just a “social network” but a brand and photos like in google’s case Picasa is a starting point. Plans are also in the pipeline for a “Facebook phone” by Q1 of 2013 and with Facebook going public this year it will need more than ads to impress investors and bring in the $$$ like the “good old days”

Are You Making These 9 Dangerous Blackberry Mistakes?

1) No password
2) not setting up blackberry protect

3) Saving banking login information

4) Taking, sending and saving nude photos
5) Clicking on risky links
6) Posting photos while on vacation
7) Posting photos with location settings turned on.
8) Using it without a case
9) Connecting to unsecure WiFi networks

1) Incase of theft or misplacing your phone, passwords are the last line of defense to safeguard your personal documents

2) blackberries like every other phone can develop software error/s at anytime or human error can resulting in resetting your phone. Blackberry protect can help locate your phone in cases of theft or misplacement.Also blackberry protect acts like a cloud back up for your browser bookmarks, phone contacts, SMS etc

3) saving your financial log in details on your phone can compromise your online transactions either by hacking or theft of blackberry

4) for obvious reasons your nudes shouldn’t be on your phone

5) mobile malware is on the raise, blackberries are least attacked with less than 0.07% of all malware but still ensure to use verify links esp those asking for personal and financial details

6) the downside of posting vacation pics is fraudsters can access those pictures, and conjure schemes to fraud close friends and family

7) privacy is becoming the civil rights movement of the 21th century! So with few pictures and location markers. A persons life can be compromised.

8) using your phone without a protective covering reduces it’s value if you decide to eventually resell it. Also cost arising from physical damage to your blackberry is expensive the Z10 LCD for example is 10,000

9) we all love free wifi but like most free things it has a downside. A hacker can access your details be it Facebook, bank log ins and media files via an insecure wifi

Blackberry 10.2 : Finally a silver bullet or just another good riddle of bad rubbish ??

I’m a sucker for betas and overclocking devices. Pushing devices to their limit is always a beauty. I have always run hybrids in my earlier blackberries, beta OSs on later devices and leaked OS on BB10 devices. Blackberry minus other minor updates to the 10.1 platform, decided to release another ‘major’ update 10.2 later this year but the leaks are already flooding the internet.


It promises to bring faster notifications, support for android 4.2.2 jelly bean apps like instagram, a native skype, also wi-fi direct enabling blackberry devices connect directly to each other through a wifi connection. These features sounds pretty but stock versions of iOS and android already have these features (not exactly) so this update wouldn’t win over any fanboys over.


The big question is “is Blackberry 10.2 a silver bullet at least to blackberry users or another riddle of bad rubbish” I don’t have the luxury of running the 10.2 leaked version on my Z10 because its an STL-100 version (available in countries without LTE) but I have seen the screen shots on a Z10 and ran it on a friend’s Q10 (do not try this).


I was impressed because it ran well for a beta version (GM official versions are always better) apart from annoying feature that it superimposes your pin on the devices display. Mostly noticeably it fixed the lag on call logs, text message and brings a whole new feel to the BB10 devices.


Conclusively the blackberry 10.2 is decent, has a fresh UI, a silver bullet (rumored to bring evernote, instagram and other cool apps to blackberry) and worth updating to.


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To continue the series of best apps on different platforms for 2013, next stop is Blackberry 10. With the release of a new update this week Blackberry 10.1 with HDR recording, refreshed app world UI and over 20 new features and Q10 pre-order worldwide now seem to be the best time to do this review. Personally tested the Alpha Dev and using a Z10 so my review maybe biased because I’m in love with Blackberry again after the failure of OS7.

I like to put as much free apps as possible on my reviews but the best apps it seems in Blackberry 10 are paid, so without much blabbing here are my Top Blackberry 10 apps with no particular order 😀

 Blaq – I’m a heavy twitter user or so I think and the official twitter for Z10 is lousy to say the least, but Blaq is the 2nd best twitter app I have ever used(used for 20 from tweetbot,tweetdeck to ubertwitter to …….). Apart from the inability to quote tweets this app is magic with share options and brilliant colors plus it is the only twitter app apart from Tweet deck on PC with real time update. Wonderful app but will cost you $2.99 pretty small change if twitter is really an addiction.

360 Panorama – brings iPhone 5 camera effects to the Blackberry 10 native camera, easily capture immersive panoramas in seconds and instantly share with the world via twitter, BBM, Facebook and Email. Never forget a location because each Panorama is GPS tagged, complete with a compass heading. Price is $3:99 kinda hefty for a camera app but if you are a photo person it is worth trying.

Supersport – this app is ported from Android but it is sleek and the height fits in to the Z10 screen perfectly with a simple and effective UI but like all ported apps the bar underneath is annoying but there is an option to hide. Any way great sport app, the best in my opinion and useful for le sport lovers.

Blackberry Travel – My best app and one of the reasons I use and updated my Z10 to version The UI is awesome with the ability to book, manage and share your travel. Rated 4.5/5 in the App world comes with inbuilt weather with local GPS, email manager, check flight status, world clock, currency calculator with 205 currencies etc and the best part is that this app is 100% free.

Ministry of Sound Radio – I have Tunein Radio, Twitter music and numerous music streaming services but ministry of sound radio is all types of cool, maybe it’s the genre of music which I like or something but it is cool and it comes with BBM plug in which is a plus for it. Its free, decent and nice so check it out.

Angry Bird Space – this app is only free on Blackberry 10 and demonstrates on the strengths of the Z10 which is speed and ‘retina display’. This is only game on my review because every other quality game is paid and larger to download. It is a ‘must’ have for the pleasure/leisure user.

Max mobile Security – the ‘only’ anti-virus in the appworld priced at $9.99. There are no known cases of malware yet on the BB10 but since a lot of apps on BB10 are ported from Android there is need for an anti-virus. You can’t put a price on peace of mind since a phone has so much personal info nowadays. More than traditional malware protection this app can protect against harm from PC when connected to your device.

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Android mobile Os App review

To continue the series of best apps on different platforms for 2013, next stop is Android. Android mobile Os is the prefect definition of open source running on over 500million devices and an estimated 1.3million activations daily on with over 50 OEMs.

Last year i personally used a lot of android devices and one of the many advantages android has over other devices its widgets and true multitasking unlike the pseudo-multitasking in iOS and Windows. These apps will run on the gingerbread 2.3.3 to Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

Android (Tablets, Phones)

Media Fire – With the demise of megaupload, Media fire is the choice file sharing site amongst monster file sharers and it now has an official app with 50gb of free space to store videos, photos, docs etc and an upload option for photo and videos directly from the device to the mediafire locker. This is good news for file sharers and will bring health competition into a sector with big players like dropbox, sky drive, google drive, 4Shared sync etc.

Google checkout – my personal favorite, its not new per say but it bring the best payment option available to the largest possible populace. Unlike Square and Paypal that don’t work in all countries, google checkout works in all countries(all you need is a valid Credit card) and android is the only platform with an official google checkout app.

Skyfire 3.0 – its a decent browser that supports flash content, popping a little window when it detects an embedded youtube video or something similar. The flash business is handled by the Skyfire’s server and is ideal on devices with faster processors.

Beautiful Widgets – Every month i try to include a paid app in my review for obvious reasons. Beautiful widgets is just brilliant, androids are about widgets and few softwares can rival this one. £2 is kinda high for widgets that defaultly comes with android but it contains a stunning collection of clocks and weather bringing life for any boring ‘vanilla’ android home screen.

Google Now – this is the peak of artificial intelligence on mobile at this time. More like a combination of Siri, Facebook place, google maps and wikitude. This app like the Google checkout is another exclusive on Android and a must have for any body that his/her phone is also a Personal assistant.

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App Reviews for iOS (Jan 2013)

Every month starting this year i will be doing a review of the top mobile apps on different platforms. It will be released on the 3rd week of the said month and will feature all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry). This rating is the Top 5 and usually those available in Nigeria. All these apps are iPad 4, iPod Touch 5, iPhone 5 and iPad mini optimized and run on iOS 4.3.5 to 6.0.2

iOS (iPhone, iTouch & iPad)

Temple Run 2 – with the previous version exceeding the 175million downloads mark, Temple Run 2 is the only game in my Top 5 app review on iOS. This game is a pioneer opening up a new category of games including agent dash, brave, subway surfer etc. Also like the previous version its free but still contains some in game purchase and has over 300,000 downloads on the Nigerian iTunes only.

Orange AFCON 2013 Official app – This is the official app of the AFCON 2013 Nations cup beginning this weekend in South Africa. 2nd ranked app on the Nigerian iTunes store and 1st in 4 African stores. It contains match fixtures, results and news. Must download for all African football lovers

Path – Most social networking apps are free but Path will set you back $2.99. For a social networking app to cost anything it as to be unique and Path is unique. It has plug in with API access to Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr and foursquare. All social memories from these social networks can be uploaded and are called moments with a facebook graph kind of search.

GTbank Mobile money – We are told that mobile money is the next big thing. Paypal, google checkout and even square all have mobile apps. Lately few Nigerian banks have released their own banking apps like First Mobile (1st Bank),UBA and now GTBank. Why GTbank mobile app is unique is that a fix was recently released for the 1st version launched last 2012 even if the app is just for mobile money,GTbank with the most functional internet banking platform may update the app to contain an account manager in later releases hopefully.

Google maps – with the release of iOS6 and failure of tom tom there has been a public outcry about the poor standard of the new inbuilt map(not in Nigeria anyway). Google maps is the best free mapping solution. With the release of the google maps(sanity was back in iOS paradise) and 4million downloads in 2 week is testament to that. The Google maps is still not available in the Nigerian iTunes store but luckily i have a Deutsche acct and the app is tested and wonderful. Users in Nigeria can still get it by the traditional safari and add to homescreen option.

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Is twitpic the new Instagram???

Its no longer news to “tech heads” that by yesterday evening twitter after the outage due to overloading, twitter revoked its Key API access. An API “Application Programming Interface” is just an access or plug-in used by application to access a site basically. This interface has been used by Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Co. to allow games and other apps to connect to these more famous social networks to post comments or scores etc.
With the revoke of other apps and now instagram to key API access on twitter i believe twitter wants a slice of the “photo and picture sharing” market with its own twitpic. With Facebook “buying” instagram for $1billion, Twitter needs more control on its site and API is surest method. Twitpic has the capacity and strength to be the new Instagram with over 500million users unlike instagram with – 80million users but it needs to upgrade its server to render pics faster and devise a method to add comments and tags to pics or maybe integrate pics to DM(Direct messages). My 50 cents